EM_LOADERJOB.unlock_target(hextoraw(:1 )) error=6550 for statement

Recently when removed an old target (Oracle RDBMS 11g target) the Enterprise Manager Cloud repository starts to through below error messages POEMREP(5):WARNING: too many parse errors, count=66200 SQL hash=0x7533e331 POEMREP(5):PARSE ERROR: ospid=10982, error=6550 for statement: 2019-01-17T16:18:40.454989+01:00 POEMREP(5):BEGIN EM_LOADERJOB.unlock_target(hextoraw(:1 )); END; POEMREP(5):Additional information: hd=0x184b613b0 phd=0x196281148 flg=0x100476 cisid=107 sid=107 ciuid=107 uid=107 2019-01-17T16:18:45.713905+01:00 POEMREP(5):WARNING: too many parse errors,

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ORA-24328: illegal attribute value – XDB component upgrade error

During the upgrade from to we received an error. In the created logfile located in /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbua/logs the following was reported:   UPGRADE_PROGRESS : 36% XDB component upgrade error: ORA-24328: illegal attribute value When checking out the details in the /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbua/EDBA7_01/upgrade1/catupgrd0.log   It reports: 15:29:21 SQL> Rem Ensure that all XDB$RESOURCE dependencies are validated

16 maart 2017|12c, rdbms|

[INS-06006] Passwordless SSH connectivity not set up between the following node(s).

A prerequisite for the installation of Grid Infrastructure is to configure passwordless SSH connectivity. This can be accomplished in using the following statements:   [grid@server52 ~]$ ssh-keygen -t rsa [grid@server53 ~]$ ssh-keygen -t rsa   [grid@server52 ~]$ ssh-copy-id grid@server52 [grid@server52 ~]$ ssh-copy-id grid@server53 [grid@server53 ~]$ ssh-copy-id grid@server52 [grid@server53 ~]$ ssh-copy-id grid@server53 So far so good. When

Flashback Pluggable database in RDMBS 12c.

In Oracle 12.1 it is not possible to flashback a pluggable database, but starting with 12.2 it is. Here we start with a demo on how this taks can be accomplished: First we connect to the pluggable and want to create a restore point. SQL> alter session set container=pdbproda; Session altered. SQL> create restore point

18 november 2016|12c, Multitenancy, rdbms|

Report Exadata Flashcache usage

Below you will find a script which I created for a customer, due to the fact we needed to have an overview of the flash cache usage after enable write back mode. In a table the storage cell, allocated flash cache, used and dirty is provide. Very useful to see in one run the current

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New Features 12c training van 7-10 december

samen met  verzorgen voor de laatste keer dit jaar een New Features 12c training. Er zijn nog 3 plaatsen vrij. Ook aan de slag met Oracle RDBMS 12c? Eerste 2 dagen lekker aan de slag met basis concept van multitenancy, pluggable databases. De andere 2 dagen RMAN, Security, Performance, VLDB en een aantal generieke RDBMS features.

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